First visit to Gynae

Being the anxious Mum-to-be, I made an appointment with a Gynae immediately, not knowing when should be the right time to go. The first visit to the Satellite Clinic of KK Women's Clinic at Ang Mo Kio was quite an exciting one.

I made an appointment through their Central Appointments line and was scheduled to meet A/Prof John Tee CS, a senior consultant at the clinic. Upon arriving at the clinic on my appointment time, things just happened in a flash, I did what I was told and then waited an hour and half for the gynae to arrive.

The process went something like this:

  1. Registered at the counter by scanning my NRIC and taking the queue ticket. Two were printed, one to attach to the appointment book (for subsequent visits) and one for me to keep.

  2. After the nurse took down my particulars, I was told to take a standard routine tests.

  3. Routine tests go like this - first measure the blood pressure, which the nurse presumed I knew how to use the machine immediately which I didn't, then she'll measure the height and weight. Lastly she'll pass you this urine test strip in a small transparent plastic and ask you to go pee on it. Remember not to visit the toilet an hour before your Gynae's appointment else you'll have problem with this.

  4. After the tests were done, I was called back to the registration to provide more details on the child's father.

  5. Few sheets of forms were then shown to me and the nurse just went on to read out the header and asked me to sign here, here and here. I wanted to read what it was but she assured me that its just standard procedure and had nothing to worry about. I was rather upset with her words but followed her instructions.
    Basically these forms were for the standard vaccinations a baby will need to get when he/she is born, and to acknowledge whether or not the mother will be breastfeeding the baby. I thought these were a little too early to sign, but it was compulsory to do it on the first visit.

  6. After all the above, I then had to sit and wait for the arrival of the gynae. As he's a very busy man, its alright for him to be late. -_-"

  7. One and a half hour later, he arrived, I was mother number three and it didn't take long before I was called.

  8. Inside the room, he and a nurse will be there throughout the session. It lasted like 15minutes.

  9. He's ask some standard questions - like any drug allergies, last period date, whether I smoke etc.

  10. Then he'll calculate the number of weeks of pregnancy to determine whether or not to do a scan.

  11. I was a week or so early, when he scanned, nothing was spotted. Looking into the monitor, I was puzzled, I knew for sure I was pregnant, but why isn't there a fetus or any dot? But the Gynae assured me that I'm pregnant. The sag was in the scan just that the fetus is too small still to be seen.

  12. He gave some instructions like what not to eat and prescribed some frolic acid and hormones balancing pills.

  13. Made payment at the counter, made the next appointment, collected the pills and off we went.

That was the summary of my first visit to the Gynae. Quite an experience isn't it? And here's my very first scan printout...

If you're trying to find the contact for KK Women's Clinic at Ang Mo Kio, here's the details:

KK Women's Clinic (Ang Mo Kio)
Blk 721 Ang Mo Kio Ave 8 #01-2807 Singapore 560721
Contact No: +65 6453 4688 (For appointments, call +65 6294 4050)Consultation Hours:
Monday to Friday, 17:30 - 21:00
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