Preventing stretch marks

A friend shared about this moisturising oil she used during pregnancy that helped keep the stretch marks away. Having been recommended by her friend and seeing it work on her, I decided to give it a try.

Everyday (well almost, some day I may be too lazy to apply) I'll spray a generous amount on my tummy and butt after shower and massage the oil into my skin. It feels nice and not at all greasy! Hate having greasy feel after applying cream or oil. This is surprisingly light and smells good too. Though my friend recommended using it twice a day, but lazy me is doing it once only. Will be more hardworking when the tummy grows bigger.

At the rate the oil is going, I think I'll just need one bottle for the rest of the journey.

Bought the AVENT Moisturising Light Oil from BHG, Bishan at $29.90 (I think).