You Posed Like MJ after night of Thriller Live

The week before the scheduled visit to the Gynae, Ayah and Mummy went to catch Thriller Live at Marina Bay Sands. I could feel you moving to the beat at some point during the show. We imagined you doing the moonwalk in the womb.

At the Gynae, you just had to prove us right didn't you? The last time you had both your hands covering your ears and now you've got one hand over your forehead! Doing the MJ pose eh?

[image type="frame-css3" align="center" width="400" caption="At week 23"][/image]

Gynae was not able to determine your gender accurately still as your legs were again folded up. He said its 90% a girl. Are you? Shall wait 5 more weeks to check again.

Loving you much!