Newborn Baby's Essential Shopping List

We started our baby shopping last weekend and just as we thought we know exactly what to buy, we were just overwhelmed when we reached the stores and saw so many variety of so many things that seem essential for us. Good thing I had a shopping list with me, else I would have over shopped more than I did!

If you're planning to go on your shopping spree for your newborn, here's a quick checklist:

Feeding Essentials

  1. Small baby bottles with newborn nipples for storing expressed breast milk/ formula milk

  2. Bottle brush

  3. Bottle sterilizer equipment or (for me) new big pot for old-time sterilizing with hot water

  4. Insulated bottle holder for diaper bag

  5. Breast pump

  6. Muslins/ small baby towels (Lots of these!)

  7. Bibs

  8. Nasal aspirator (to help clear baby's nose)

Clothing Essentials

  1. Newborn clothes short sleeves and long sleeves + short and long pants (I bought those with strings instead of buttons as its easier to put on for the baby and need not have the top pulled down from baby's head.)

  2. Baby socks

  3. Baby mittens

  4. Baby hats

Bathing and Changing Essentials

  1. Diaper napkins/ Cloth diapers

  2. Disposable diapers

  3. Changing mats

  4. Baby wipes

  5. Baby shampoo

  6. Baby bath oil

  7. Baby moisturizer

  8. Cotton balls (to clean baby's eyes)

  9. Baby bath tub

  10. Baby bath towels

  11. Baby washing cloths

Sleeping Essentials

  1. Baby cot

  2. Mattress for baby cot

  3. Mattress cover

  4. Soft pillow

  5. Beansprout filled pillow (I love those from Pupsik)

  6. Baby blanket/ Swaddle blankets

Mother's Essentials

  1. Maternity pads

  2. Nursing bras

  3. Washable or disposable breast pads

Good-to-have Stuff

  1. Pouch sling/ baby carrier (I've got this from Pupsik)

  2. Stroller - this we plan to get only when baby is 4 months or so as we would love to have baby close to us in our arms when we bring baby out.

  3. Car seat

  4. Baby monitor

Hope the above list is comprehensive enough! If there's anything I missed, please please please do let me know. I'll keep this list updated.