Bathing during confinement month after labour

Following traditions from my grandmother's days, I'm told not to shower for a month. Upon hearing this I screamed! After clarifying I learned that I'm allowed to shower but only once a day with a blend of herbs in boiled water.

Woman after labour is at our weakest and there is much "wind" in our body, showering is hence prohibited as it exposes our body and pores to more wind.


The above is the pack of herbal bath I used. On top of this, lemongrass and ginger are added into the water and brought to boil. Each mixture is used to boil two big pot of herbal bath and additional hot water added into it so that I'll get enough water for my bath.

On the first day I tried applying the usual Dove shower and found it difficult to use without water lathering the shower foam. It took me long time to soap myself and even longer time to wash off all the soap. Next day I switched to Cetaphil Cleanser and it applies and washes off with ease. One cleanser for both face and body. Using it daily for two weeks now and I'm loving it! Probably going to stick to Cetaphil for both face and body after confinement too. Skin feels softer and smoother now.

Herbal bath should be available at most Chinese Medicine Hall; each pack comes with 15 sachets and priced between $18-20. Cetaphil available at Watsons, Pharmacy and supermarket too if I'm not wrong. Their roadshows are still on-going if you want to get yourself some Cetaphil Cleanser. Hope I'll be able to make it to one after my one month confinement. I want to win the iPad2! :P


  1. May I know which herbal shop did u buy this this confinement bath herbs from?

  2. Hi Tina,

    You should be able to get it from most chinese medicine hall.

  3. Hi,

    May I know after boiling this herbs with a pot.. does you pot stain with those black marks?

    I know some herbal bath does damage to the pot which create stain and cannot be removed.

    So do you used a pot prepared to be disposed.. or normal cook pot?

  4. Hi Charlene,

    I used normal cooking pot to boil the herb. There wasn't any coloring on my pot after a month of boiling it. Mine's the metal kind.

  5. Do you wash your hair during confinement too? Which shampoo did you use?

  6. Hi J,

    I washed after a week with the same boiled herbal water and usual shampoo.


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