Cries which could have been avoided

Just because the young doctor at Sengkang Singhealth thought he saw some white spots in my eyes, I had to go through a day of emotional and physical trauma at NUH.

At my second visit to SK Singhealth I was seen by a male doctor who seemed rather nervous during the routine checks. He wanted to check my eyes but I was asleep. He tried to force open my eyes with his fingers and my immediate reflex was to shut it even tighter. After a few tries he gave up and said he'll do it at the next visit.

At the next visit I was asleep again and this time he insisted he must check my eyes and when he got a little peep, he said he saw something amiss. Not very sure if he sees it correctly or not, he went to the next room to seek a second opinion from a senior doctor. Again they tried to open my eyes but I refused to open cos they were hurting me. This went on for quite a long time and when my eyes are finally wide opened, the doctor was with another patient and I was told to wait, eyes were shut again when he had time to attend to me.

The senior doctor was asked to double check again and he said my eyes look fine but the young doctor insisted I go for a check soonest with an eye specialist. I was then referred to NUH the following day for an eye checkup. That was the day my eyes went through much trauma and I cried long and hard for more than 20 minutes in the treatment room. There were two doctors and three nurses with me and my Mum was asked to wait outside.

Five types of eye drops were used on me 45mins before the checkup to dilute my pupils. The nurses had a hard time doing it cos my eyes were tightly shut when they hurt it. I could feel my Mum's heart aching when she saw me going through a painful session. Imagine how much pain she felt when I cried so loudly for twenty minutes!

After all the trauma and hours of waiting at NUH, everything was fine and I was so exhausted from the long cry, I went into deep sleep for two hours.

All the above shouldn't have had happened if the young doctor listened to the senior doctor's advice. I never want to be seen by this young doctor again!