No washing of hair during confinement

"Strictly no washing of hair during confinement!" my mum would tell me every time I mentioned it during pregnancy.

I washes my hair daily and twice on humid days. The longest I can tolerate is three days without wash and that's after a good scrap and treatment at the hair salon when I rebound my hair.

First week of confinement was bad, real bad! I was perspiring round the clock and no matter how cool the aircon was running on, the sweat just doesn't stop. By day 4 my hair was super oily and the pungent smell was driving me nuts! After I comb and tie my hair up I got to disinfect it and wash for a good 5 minutes before I'm satisfied my hands are smell and germ free.

Can't take it anymore I resort to dry shampoo. Mum bought it for me from the pharmacy, it's no longer in powder form but it comes in a spray can - Batiste original dry shampoo. Its used to refresh hair between washes.


Used it twice over two days and I had to stop and resort to washing it with hot water. Flakes were spotted in my hair and it didn't make my hair condition any more comfortable. Perhaps I used too little or combed my hair too hard when trying to brush off the shampoo.

If you are looking for a solution, this might be suitable for you. For me, I'm washing my hair every few days since after day 12 of my confinement. Ensuring I dry it thoroughly with hair dryer after wash.

Guess the traditions like these passed down from long long ago (when there's no hot tap water for shower nor hair dryer to blow dry after wash) are still around and will be around for a long time. Saw all mothers with their newborn at the clinics with either unkept or oily hair. Some even wore long sleeves in such humid weather! Salute them.