Post natal massage at home

Post-natal massages are the best relaxation a mum should get during confinement. It helps release tension in the muscles and allow mum to take a little time-off for some "me" time.

I only started researching for masseur a month before labour. Almost though I'll not be able to find a good one. Was recommended to a few via Twitter and friends, after comparing prices and services I booked my session with an Indonesia Chinese lady, Fong Lian. She was recommended by my godmother's friend, a mother of three.

I've completed my consecutive 8 sessions with her and I'm extending for more. She uses her own remedy of gel for the massage and tummy wrap. Each session is an hour long and includes a full body massage and tummy wrap. She charges $50/session. Really value for money! I'm planning to continue hiring her service whenever I need a massage. She's pretty well requested among her clients and their friends. Each month she limits her number of clients and already bookings are made till April 2012! If you are keen, you can call her at 9640 2191.

Before my sessions with her my tummy were tough and bloated. After the first session I already felt the difference and it's lighter and softer. I like it that her gel used for the massage and wrap aren't smelly nor oily; pretty pleasant fragrance actually.

Things needed for each session includes:

  1. single-sized mattress placed on the floor

  2. a pillow

  3. two bath tower (to cover body)

  4. tummy wraps - a very long one that's wrapped around like a mummy and a black rubber one for better support (these I bought from Fong Lian at $20)

  5. comfortable place where you can relax. For me I've got the aircon on and plays relaxing music during couple of sessions.

Wonder if there's any beautician and hairdresser that brings their service to home? Its tough to find time to go out for all these services now that baby's here and I'm the only one looking after her.