The nightly gig

It's been a month and I'm surprised how I managed to survive! I'm a lazy woman who will get as much sleep as I can at night and in the morning, but for the past month my routine was messed up. I almost couldn't tell the difference between waking up in the day and at night. I admit I do feel a little drowsy and dizzy at times, but my mind and body held on.


Every night before settling in bed waiting for the first sign of hunger, wetting or pooing, I'll prepare the night's essential. Three bottles filled with 40ml lukewarm water, flask of hot water, three servings of formula milk, pacifier and handkerchief. Diapers, wet wipes and changing mat are kept just below my bed for easy access. So far all the above managed to help us all survive the nights; except for few super crazy ones where the ru yi you had to come into action.

Instead of dozing off into deep sleep, I'm awaken by the slightest i-want-attention-sound from baby. After feeding she will fall asleep and wakes up as "scheduled" for the next feed. Ayra is a darling; resting through the nights knowing her Ayah has to wake up early for work.

We are all slowly but surely fitting into everyone's needs and life couldn't be sweeter and blissful than it is now. Watching Ayra's every moves make our heart melts.

Love you baby! <3