What's in our diaper bag?

Being a first time mum, it was quite a nerve-racking experience bringing baby out for the first time. Not sure what will happen, how often baby will dirty her clothes and how long we will be out; I overpacked our bag and wasted energy carrying them out and back home again.

After the first experience, I learned from it and our diaper bag is more organized and equipped with the right amount of stuff.


Here's our essential list of things in our diaper bag when we are out. Good for a 6-8 hour outing.

  1. Diapers - I bring at least 6 out, now that her poo time is almost certain, I'll probably cut it down to four

  2. Wet wipes and tissues

  3. Two sets of clothes including mittens and booties

  4. Handkerchiefs - at least 3

  5. Bibs

  6. 2 to 3 milk bottles half filled with lukewarm water

  7. flask of hot water - use to top-up the milk bottle so the milk be warm when consumed

  8. 3 portion of milk powder - this may have to depend on baby's feeding time and how long the outing will be. I was told some parents bring out the entire can of formula milk!

  9. Blanket

  10. Baby's comfort companion - this may vary depending on your baby. For mine, hers is a small beansprout pillow.

If you've blogged about your diaper bag content too, please do share your links in the comments, i want to peep into your bag!