Online shopping for Mums and Babes

Now, when I want to get something for myself and the little one, first thing I thought is which online store can I get them from. Shopping in the malls is getting lesser and lesser for me. Its not as simple as just change and go like it used to be. Going out now means having to pack the diaper bag making sure there's enough milk and diapers to last the day out; getting the little lady changed and in the mood to go shopping with me. Its just easier and more convenient to whip out the macbook and just let my fingers do the shopping.

If you are like me, here are some online shops you may want to check out:

  • Kidzloft
    Kidzloft Online Baby Store stocks the most comprehensive range of its house brands to make it easier for you to shop whenever it suits you. Find brands like Bright Starts and TAF Toys. Ideal for parents looking for toys for the little ones.

  • BabyOnline
    BabyOnline houses high quality premium products for the little ones. They carry NUK and Tommee Tippee milk bottles, Gund soft toys and others.

  • Pupsik Studio
    This is where you can find pretty bean-sprout shell pillows.

  • Uenoland
    Very lovely premium toys for the little ones and even the big kid in all of us. Little Lady Ayra loves her cuddly Lila the Rabbit from the Moulin Roty collection. Must go check them out!

  • Lastly, there's Gmarket. My favorite! This need no introduction. Just beware of who you're buying from. I'll usually read the reviews and judge whether or not its reliable through the number of reviews received.