First Social Network for Baby

AyraHey! Its the digital age isn't it? So I've got to get connected and starts from young! Of course I don't own an iPhone but Mummy does. So she's helping me manage my first social network for now.

Facebook is like the most common social network but its too public for little me. So I'm using Path.


It function more like a journal than a social place. It records my day-to-day activities and I get to share photos, videos and my thoughts with the people who cares and my love ones. Its very easy to use and I'm loving it! (Alright, Mum's loving it, I just need to be me and she'll handle the rest.)

Its available on the iPhone and Android. If you want to follow my life, add me to your Path! Search for Ayra Lim. :)

See you in Path!

P/s: Only people I know will be added, I no one any stranger nor stalker to invade my little life you know.