Being a stay at home and working mum

Six months into my new life and I'm still not able to manage my time properly. A daily routine of my life now looks something like this...

5am/6am Wakes up for feed
8am/9am Wakes up for another feed
9am Work/ Scrap
11am Baby wakes up (Stop work)
12pm Feed, play and bath baby
2pm Baby naps I either cook lunch or shower (can only do one!)
3pm Baby wakes up, feed and play
6pm Grandparents/Ayah comes home, everyone rotate to accompany baby and finally I can bath (if I chose lunch earlier)
7pm Dinner and Korean drama time for me
8pm Bath baby and feed
10pm Prep baby for sleep and feed
11pm Work
1/2am Sleep

I don't know how I manage to still survive on less than 5 hours of sleep (with only 2-3 hours of none disturbance sleep through the night).

It's tough when the little one expects 100% attention on her when she is awake. Going out, get a proper shower, eating a proper meal and having an hour of ME time are all luxuries for me, they don't come easy. I wonder how am I going to survive after we move out and stay on our own. Hiring helper to look after the baby is OUT OF THE QUESTION! I am not being overly protective, I just want my girl to grow up with TLC from her family and not anyone else.