Growing with my baby girl

Every morning, after her first feed for the day, I'll let her sleep in bed with me. Today we had a little playtime before she dozed off to continue her daily morning naps.

She was sitting up and throwing herself down back into the pillow in her own, wiggling herself into my arms and nudging her hear against my chest. All the while smiling and giggling with me. I looked at her and realised she has grown and changed so much within 8 months!

Having her in my arms for the first time then, she was so tiny and fragile. Now she is strong and active, exhausting all my energy every day. I'm glad to be able to stay by her side 24/7 and showering her with all the TLC she needs from me. Soon I'll be spending lesser time with her as I get back to paying more attention into my companies and projects.

I know I'll be missing her all the time when I'm not with her in the day. I know I'll be looking forward to getting home and holding her in my arms while she rest her head on my shoulder. I know she will miss me too and will be delighted to see me home from work. Just the thought of these days approaching soon makes my heart aches. A part of me misses my professional life, a bigger part of me is already missing my time with my baby girl.