Ayra's first flight onboard a plane

The family, together with baby's Grandparents, went on a holiday to Hong Kong in June. It was baby's first time traveling abroad and onboard an airplane. To ensure our first family trip is comfortable and safe, we paid a little more for flight with Singapore Airlines. Knowing that their plane will be bigger and more comfortable compared to our usual budget flight to Hong Kong.

We booked our flight through SQ website, and I wasn't able to have all four adults together if I picked the bassinet seats. So for both flight I selected the none bassinet seats. Lucky us, all of us were bumped up to bassinet row when we checked-in. We had to take turns to keep Ayra entertained throughout the flight. The flight to Hong Kong was alright as it was in the morning and Ayra was sleeping or feeling sleepy most of the time onboard. But the flight back to Singapore was quite an experience as it was late at night and she cried, poo-ed and refused to sit for the first two hour of the flight. After all the action, she finally knocked out and slept through the remaining journey back to Singapore.

Ayra asleep on flight back to SG

Our first trip was fun and trying one. Will share a list of things to note and prepare for oversea trips with an infant soon.