Have you seen a pair of Crane Dance?

To celebrate Loving Mum's birthday, we brought the family to Resort World Sentosa. Since Ayra is too little for any adventure at Universal Studio, we just strolled around the public area, had dinner at Chilis and watched two crane dance.

The Crane Dance is an attraction at Resort World Sentosa Waterfront, where the two giant mechanic cranes dances gracefully every weekend at 9pm.

Crane Dance at RWS

"Watch the magical love story between a pair of mechanical cranes and how their love for each other transforms them into real birds.

Combining groundbreaking audio and visual technologies, astounding light and water effects, be awed by the cranes' graceful courtship ritual. The sheer size of the steel cranes moving deftly in the midst of water illusion and play of light is one not to be missed.

Took awhile before Ayra's attention was on these cranes. She was too busy looking around being her kaypoh self when we reached Waterfront. When her eyes spotted the beautiful lights and splashing water, she stayed still watching the dance.

More details of the Crane Dance available on RWS website.