Perfect 10 and 10 things about Ayra

Ayra's 10 months young!

To mark this new milestone, here are 10 things about her.

  1. She's got natural curls. Every aunties that saw her said the same words - "Can save money when she grows up! No need to perm hair."

  2. She's got four teeth now. Two on the top and bottom.

  3. She doesn't like to wear dress. Cause it restricts her movement when she crawls.

  4. She knows where we keep the house keys. She'll point at it asking us to open the door and bring her out.

  5. She doesn't like to drink water. Any tricks to share?

  6. She eats rice with soup for dinner and nothing else. Only for a few mouthful and refuses to open her mouth once she's tired of eating.

  7. She likes bread.

  8. She loves to bite on towel, her cat puppet and blanket. She'll bite very hard and does a little tremble that cracks us all up every time.

  9. She doesn't like to be alone.

  10. She's a pretty feisty little girl. Don' mess with her!