Going out with baby - The Must-Have List

Going out with a baby or toddler is a muscle training activity for me. With her growing bigger and heavier, it is impossible to carry her without the help of my trusty 3G Boba carrier, but going out for a day trip or anywhere for more than 3 hours, I will usually bring along a list of essentials with me.

This is my list of essentials for going out with a baby or toddler:

  1. 3G Boba carrier - This is where baby likes to be when we are out. She enjoys shopping with me in this carrier. I tried two other carriers before but they can't make her stay quiet and comfort as long as the Boba. I don't know what I'll do if I've not chanced upon this carrier.

  2. Combi Well Comfort stroller - This usually acts as the stroller for the bags and shopping cause Ayra prefers to be carried. But lately I try to let her stay seated in the stroller for as long as I can so that she will get used to it. This Combi stroller is the lightest with one-hand open/close system I found when I'm shopping for one. My fist one was by Capella and it was too heavy for me to bring out alone when I'm taking the public transport.

  3. Big bag filled with essentials for baby and me

    • 2-3 pieces of diapers, pack of wet wipes and a changing mat

    • 2 clean hankies

    • 1 set of clean clothes - in case of any unforeseen situation

    • 1 pair of socks and leggings - due to our humid and hot weather, I usually dress Ayra in shorts or dress, leggings come in useful when we are inside the shopping mall

    • Wet wipes for the mouth, hands, food and anything that needs to go into her mouth

    • Milk powder container

    • My wallet and stuff

  4. Feeding bag - If it can't fit into the big bag, I'll have it in a smaller bag where I can hang on the stroller. This content milk bottles, drinking cup and hot water flask.

Picture this image - me carrying all the above and a almost 10kg baby boarding the bus, going up/down stairs, shopping with bags of stuff from the shopping spree and sometimes even continue to shop for grocery in the supermarket (with additional basket for grocery).

Don't I look like an octopus with 8 arms?