Preparing for Ayra's 1st Birthday Celebration

The countdown clock has started. It's a month and few days away from Ayra's first birthday celebration. As we skipped her full month's celebration, I'm planning to have a not-so-mini party for her 1st. As I was browsing through other mummy's blog and referencing from friend's photo albums on Facebook, the panic button is suddenly pressed. Its been 10 years since I last planned a birthday celebration!

The theme for the party is set and the e-invite is also ready and published...

Jotting down the list of stuff I need to prepare here for my reference (and perhaps someone out there may find this useful too).

  1. Get THE cake - This is one of the most important part of any birthday celebration. And it must look and taste great. My usual practice is to get it from Fourleave or Prima Deli, but after reading about Pine Garden's Cake, I think its worth a try. Design and theme in mind, just need to get it conveyed as accurately as I can to the bakers.

  2. Food to fill the tummies - Been sometime since I ordered for catering, remember few names with pretty decent serving and food. Probably cater from Rasel or Kriston now known as Megu! Wow! It looks very good. Decision decision!

  3. Decoration - The celebration is going to take place at a chalet, my plan is to focus on two areas only. One is a photo backdrop where everyone will have to take photo with and the other a decorated table display where the cake will be. This table display will also be used for the cake cutting. Will start pinning inspirations on my pinterest for kids party.

  4. Photos and Video - Must get proper photos and videos taken of this day. If I can I would love to shoot them on my own, but I'll be so busy running around to get things done and ensure guests and Ayra is happy. Must get my dearest crew guys to help!

  5. Montage and photo showcase - Its time to bring out the massive collection of photos and videos I took over the year and share them with family and friends. Time to scrap and create the montage is going to be very hard to come by in days leading to the big day. I MUST STILL TRY! *ommmmmmm*

  6. List to be continued...

May the craziness begin!