Be a responsible parent to your child and others too

Visited a relative's 2 month young baby boy at KK Children's ICU two days ago, the sight of the tiny baby being hooked up with many tubes and machines brought tears to my eyes. I held back my emotion till I exited from the room and broke down immediately after I'm out of sight from his mother.

He has been in the hospital for almost two weeks now, first admitted with phlegm and he had problem breathing. He was admitted in a standard ward for monitoring. A week later, his condition worsened and was moved to a private room for closer monitoring, and two days ago he had to be transferred to ICU as he needed to be put to sleep for his medication to work into his system. At ICU, morphine is used to put him to sleep and to reduce his pain, and a nurse is by his side 24/7 to ensure he is well.

His mother shared that this virus was spread to him during the recent festive season, when one of their relatives visited with their unwell son. The boy was much older, probably in pre-school. The baby was still young and had not taken his dose of vaccination which could have prevented him from getting that virus. Unaware of the potential harm, they let the unwell child get close to the baby.

Lesson learned from this incident: Be a responsible parent to your child and others. Avoid bringing an unwell child out to public places, especially places where kids are present. These include the playground, play gyms and kids stores. If your child is unwell, please do not let him or her get close to another child. You never know how bad the virus may be, especially with very young kids or a baby. Even if he/she is recovering or has just recovered the virus could still be spread to others.

When planning for home visits, always check if there is any baby around or joining in the group. Inform the hosts and guests, check if they are ok for your recovering/recovered child to be there. Be understanding if they prefer for you to stay away from the visit.