Dancing Baby

When Baby Ayra hears music, she will get into a grooving mode. She shakes, she waves her hands in the air, twist her body side to side and even does the horse riding (Gangnam style) move. Here is a montage of some of her moves.

We will be bringing Baby Ayra for her first clubbing night out in November! Yes! Baby Ayra is going to be dancing and grooving to funky music at a dance floor, with many other kids and families. She's going to be partying at NTUC Family Nightout Mega Dance!

Date: 24 November 2012, Saturday
Time: 7.00pm to 10.00pm (Registration & pre-event activities* start at 6pm)
Venue: The Coliseum™, Hard Rock Hotel® Singapore
Mega Dance is held by NTUC U Family.

Anyone going too? Tickets are on sale now. Hope to see you there!