Homemade Organic Soya Beancurd

Everyone in the family loves a good bowl of chilled beancurd. We like the fresh ones from the markets but we do not have a good stall around our house. The next best thing is Jollibean's Soya Pudding that's easily accessible from where we stay.

One day I decided to give homemade beancurd a try. Here's the result:

Here's the recipe I used for my first attempt:

900ml of water
Some pandan leaves

Ingredient for mixture:
Organic Soya Milk Powder (each sachet is 30g) x 3 sachets
40g of Sugar
40g of Nescafe Coffee-Mate creamer
20g of Instant Jelly Powder
100 ml of water

Cooking steps:

1. Pour all the ingredients for mixture into a mixing bowl and mix them till all is dissolved in the 100ml of water. The mixture will look something like this:

2. Put the pandan leave in a pot with the 900ml of water. Bring the water to boil and turn off the gas. Let the boiling slow down before pouring in the mixture. DO NOT pour mixture when water is boiling.

3. Stir the mixture slowly into the pot of hot water and mix well.

4. Use a sieve while pouring the mixture into bowls to remove any remaining powder bits and bubbles. Let it cool and put them into the fridge for 2 hours.

5. Ready to be served.

The soya beancurd was a little too soft to my liking and the taste is not power enough too. Next attempt I'm going to try with more soya, sugar and jelly powder. Will share the recipe if I can perfect it to my preference.