A week into our new home

It's been a week! Our first week living on our own at our new house. A house we call home, just the three of us. I have been looking forward to this day for 9 years, since the day I knew he is the one. And now here we are.

I am holding back photos of the house for now as there are still boxes around the house, things unpacked or not in the right place and stuff that need to be touched up. But we have settled down, able to live, cook and do our daily stuff. EXCEPT for being able to connect online to get proper work done! Our M1 fiber will only be activated and installed on 20 Nov, till then, I am surviving on PATHETIC 3G connection from Singtel and borrowing Baby's iPad (with M1 3G) and Abang's M1 LTE from his iPhone5 for connection on my computer at night. If you are planning to get fiber at your new house, apply as soon as you got the keys! It takes 3 to 4 weeks for activation and installation.

For the past week, I learned my new responsibilities as a mother and wife. New stuff I need to manage on my own and learning to manage and plan my time in a whole new way. No more lazing in bed waiting for Baby to wake up! It's now get-up-before-baby-else-get-little-to-nothing-done-today.

Baby is coming to 14 months in a few days time and she demand my attention and presence the entire time she is awake. Leave her alone for few seconds she will start to cry for me. Either that or she will follow wherever I go around the house with both her hands behind her, like a supervisor ensuring I do things properly. Her favorite parts around the house, besides her own room, are the kitchen and the toilet in the master bedroom where she baths.

She likes to turn the knobs and press the buttons on the washing machine and dryer, causing double washing several times. She also likes to look into the waste bin in the kitchen and attempt to dig things out from it! I have to carry her in my arms whenever I have to be in the kitchen. Thank goodness my Pupsik baby sling still fits and works for us. Greatly help free my hands and strength to carry out tasks in the kitchen.

Bath time for Baby now means play time with Mummy in the toilet. She will take out Ayah's facial wash bottles and pretend them to be hammer or microphone while waiting for me to shower her. She will also attempt to pump shampoo out of their bottles and mimic to soap herself. Bath time is also the time of the day where she will call "Mummy meee!" the loudest, cause she hates getting water into her eyes and face whenever I wash off soap from her hair.

Things I have been doing the past week: trying to keep the house as dust free as possible (a friend told me houses in Punggol is never going to be dust free, which I totally agree!), floor is clean for baby to move around safely, ensuring all three of us have clean clothes to wear, Baby gets her milk and meals, me getting emails read and replied, work is done whenever possible and necessities around the house purchased. Guess my life will be more or less like that from now on! Boy! Hope these don't turn me into an old auntie housewife too soon!