Baby's favorite comforter is Xiao Bai

It's a kitten puppet from Ikea which I saw while shopping for baby's furniture in preparation for her arrival. There were at least 6 different soothers/ comforters which I bought for Baby; only one managed to capture her attention, heart and mouth!


Baby's grandma named the kitty puppet ?? (Xiao Bai) and Baby grew to recognize it as that. Xiao Bai does many things with Baby and go everywhere she goes. Xiao Bai gets a shower whenever possible, especially on sunny days so that Baby will not have to miss her friend for too long.

Baby likes to rub Xiao Bai's face on her face and nose, bite it's four paws and tiny tail. Recently she started introducing her way of greeting and loving Xiao Bai to her Ayah and me. She will offer Xiao Bai to us by bringing it to our nose and wait for us to rub our nose against Xiao Bai's. And now I am doing that everyday with Baby and her friend. The three of us will wake up in bed all rolled up together doing the sniffy and nose rubbing, it's our daily morning routine now. I love our moments together like this.