Baby just dance and ignores everything else

Last week we brought Baby to Ion Sky, it was her second time up there. This time for a Klipsch media launch and boy did she enjoy herself!

First she got to enjoy the beautiful view from high above. She sat herself comfortably by the glass window and just looked out. Spotting different colors and buildings and tiny moving vehicles far far down below.
At ION Sky

Next... she enjoyed the music and showed off her still limited but growing dance moves to the other media and distributors at the event.
Ayra doing her moves

Being the littliest people at the event, many uncles and aunties came over to say hi to her. She loves attention and of course enjoyed that very much. The lucky few caught glimpse of her cheeky smile, while some unlucky ones got the "imma-not-interested-to-look-at-you" kinda look.
Cheeky Ayra at ION Sky for Klipsch media launch

Managed to took couple of videos of her doing her moves at the event. Here's a video to share:

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