Loving Mum's Personal Space - Crop Zone

Have been doing some craft-keeping past few days and I'm pretty happy with how things are being organized around my work and crop space. Still there are things I wish to improve on when I find the right storage solutions for them.

In this post, I'm sharing my personal space in the house which I'm calling it my Work x Crop Zone. This is where I get my work done and satisfy my need for some cropping aka scrapbooking. For those who've been asking how I organized my crop stash, here's what you've been waiting for. :)

[caption id="attachment_646" align="aligncenter" width="800"]Crop x Work Zone Loving Mum's Crop x Work Zone[/caption]

These drawers hold most of my stash. Good that I've slowed down (A LOT!) on my stash shopping sprees; these drawers are not able to hold anymore stuff if I am still in those crazy shopping mood. Things just slowed down for me since Made With Love closed down. That place held many memories for me. Hope to see them back in action again soon.

[caption id="attachment_647" align="aligncenter" width="800"]Crop x Work Zone Loving Mum's Crop x Work Zone[/caption]

This giant bookshelf stores all our stuff in our study room. 90% are mine! :P

Scrapbook Stash
Two of the boxes hold scrapbooking papers and stuff that are too big for the drawers.

Scrapbook Stash
And here stores all the half-done-and-to-be-continued-when-I-can-projects and completed mini albums.

Back to the other side of the room where the drawers are...

The first drawer holds my 12x12 albums and completed pages. No photo for this. Next drawer holds my stamps and adhesives, including my ever growing washi tapes!! Things are stored and organized in their own small boxes. I crop on the floor as I need plenty of space! Storing my stash in smaller boxes make it easier for me to take them all out when I need to use them.
Scrapbook Stash

Next drawer holds projectlife stash, 6x6 paper stacks, alphas, embellishments and other mediums such as paint, ink, sprays etc.
Scrapbook Stash

The medium box.
Scrapbook Stash

The projectlife box.
Scrapbook Stash

The other set of drawers are from Muji. Love them a lot and I got plenty more around the house. There are just so many sizes that fits so many things nicely.
Scrapbook Storage (Muji PP Storage boxes)

In the bottom drawer, I store my box of ink pads, pens, other stationery and other little stuff.
Pens and more

In the second drawer, I have these boxes (from Daiso) in them. Each holding different embellishments and photos. I used to pack bits and pieces of embellishments in their own ziplock bags, but I realized I often not use them in my projects cause its not easy to search through many small ziplock bags. So now I throw everything together, though its messier, but it makes finding the right stuff for projects more fun and easy.
Scrapbook Stash

Finally the top drawer holds my punches. I seldom used them and when I do, I usually punch a bunch of the same with different papers and store them for future use.
Scrapbook Stash

So what do you think of my crop zone? Hope to make it more inspiring and personal over time. At least I'm off with a pretty good start in our new house don't you think? :)