Give the best start in life with Philips Avent

One thing that I regretted not doing enough research on when I was preparing for my first baby is the lack of knowledge with the breast pumps in the market. Thinking that all pumps worked the same way and does the same thing, I blindly followed my personal instinct and bought one from a Philips Avent roadshow at a shopping mall.

The pumps I bought then worked alright till I got tired of pumping one breast at a time. Should have invested a little more with a dual pump system which will save me half the time to pump, and probably had motivated me to pump more often than I did thus extending the breastfeeding period. Sadly my milk factory kinda closed itself in less than 2 months.

Now Philips Avent has new pumps and it looks like a great improvement to the one I used.

Philips Avent Launch

At the launch, they shared about their redesigned milk bottles after 29 years. I've used their Classic bottles (previous version with an additional ring between the bottle and teats) and this new Philips AVENT Natural range of milk bottles are greatly welcomed and loved by my mum, Ayra and me! With Ayah's approval too! I've tried so many bottles and these new AVENT bottles come highly recommended by me. Love it so much I've to dedicate an entire post to it! So I'll share why I love them in another post. :P

The other products launched at the Baby Shower event was the Philips AVENT Comfort range of breast pumps which allow mothers to express milk in a comfortable, reclined position, instead of leaning forward. This prevents backache, aids relaxation and encourages easier milk flow.

Philips AVENT Comfort Breast Pump SCF334 Double electric pump_Lifestyle

Its innovative active massage cushion feels warm and natural on the breast, as its soft silicone petals gently massage the breast to stimulate the let-down reflex, encouraging milk flow and supply. And now they also have a larger silicon petal for the more blossomed Mums. (You know how one size never really fits all breasts.) Philips AVENT developed the new Comfort range of breast pumps to ensure that mothers are as comfortable as possible when expressing milk, allowing for a longer expressing time and hence a greater supply of milk.

Philips AVENT Comfort Breast Pump SCF334 Double electric pump
Above: Philips Avent Comfort Twin Electric Breast Pump, RP $779

The Philips AVENT Comfort breast pumps are available in manual and electric options. The Philips AVENT Comfort electric breast pumps start with a gentle stimulation mode to get milk flowing at the touch of a button, then allows mothers to choose from three pumping settings to make milk flow most comfortably.

Philips AVENT Comfort Breast Pump SCF332 Single electric pump
Above: Philips Avent Single Electric Pump, RP $309

It also features a compact design that makes it easy to hold and position the breast pump on the breast, with a small, lightweight base unit that can easily be placed within comfortable reach for full control when pumping.

Looking at the new chic looking pumps from Philips AVENT makes me want to restart my milk production factory again! Hope to hear from fellow mummy bloggers on their experience with these new breast pumps soon.

The event venue was setup to encourage play with the kids. Too bad Ayra didn't get a chance to attend that evening. She would have loved to scribble color the Hello Kitty pictures with the other kids.

Philips Avent Launch

Philips Avent Launch

The folks at Philips were very thoughtful, each of us got a very nice door gift and so Ayra had some after-event fun with the cute gift.

She saw the big box in her room the next morning and was super curious to find out who was hiding inside.

Ayra meets new friend

She opened the box excitedly and was squealing in joy when she saw the furry friend sitting inside the box.

Ayra meets new friend

Instead of her usual hugs and cuddles, she was more interested in the outfit the furry friend is wearing. And she went "mei mei" (pretty) and pointed at the outfit. That's my baby girl. LOL!

Ayra meets new friend

All in all, the Baby Shower event was an engaging session and I could sensed that everyone there enjoyed the good company of fellow bloggers, new friends from Philips and their agencies and the kids had fun too. Look forward to more of such great events for bloggers and their families, especially one like this by Philips Avent.

This post is sponsored by Philips Avent. All opinions are 100% my own.