Hello Baby No. 2

Drafting of this post started on 15 February 2013 and published only now cause I needed to be sure no. 2 is ready to be revealed.

Sometime last year, we decided it is time to give Ayra a younger sibling. It is either now or never. My plan is to get the child bearing part of my life settled and spend as much time as I can with my babies till they are ready for school. I don't wish to see one child to school then plan for a second one, this will not enable me to return back to work and help bring in some dough for the family. So we did it.

Being the kan cheong me, I used the first kit too early. It was three weeks before my expected cycle and the test was negative. A week later, I decided to test it again, this time the second line was showing a little but never quite revealed in full after several minutes, so I take it that the kit was faulty. Still feeling that something is happening inside me, I tested it again few days before my cycle. And this time the lines were clear.

On January 6, 2013: It's positive!
Hello Baby No. 2!

Base on my own calculation, Baby No. 2 will arrive around the same time when Ayra celebrates her 2nd birthday! Yes, it is probably another Virgo baby. We can look forward to many great double birthdays celebration in years to come. Yeah!

The beginning
In the first 6 weeks, my body was very weak. Giddy spells throughout the day and my appetite was bad. Fell sick couple of times and my body and mind is always restless with lack of energy and strength. I had to drag myself to carry out the daily activities at home and struggle to keep myself up to look after Ayra. No vomiting though, at least I try not to. Lemongrass oil, sour plums and sea bands were within reach everywhere I go.

"Baby No. 1 demands more attention from pregnant mother" - True?
I was told the elder child will know someone is coming to share the love and attention of her mother and will become very attached to the mother when she's pregnant. Not sure if this is true, but Ayra sure shows sign of this syndrome. She's always demanding for me to carry her, hold her in my arms and will squeeze herself tightly around me whenever she can. I love her need for my love and attention and feels warm and fuzzy when she squeezes me. But carrying her for long period of time is just not something I can do anymore. I continue to try my best to carry her for as long as I can, and am thankful for my parents and Abang for helping sooth her to let them carry her when she gets tired of walking whenever we are out. At home, I will spend more time by her side, playing with her and letting her hug me from behind. If she wants me to carry her, I'll sooth her to sit by my side and hug her instead. Soon she got used to it and enjoys lazing in the sofa or bed at my side with my arm around her.

Thankful for helpful husband
Since we discovered this news, Abang has been doing the sweeping and mopping every week. So our house gets thoroughly cleaned twice a week, once by him and the other by our PT cleaner. When I feel the need to, I'll bring out the Scotch-Brite sweeper and go round the house once. Really appreciate his help, looking after Ayra on my own can be rather exhausting some days and using any energy to clean the house is the last thing I have in mind really.

18 Feb: First visit to the gynae
On 18 Feb 2013, we went to the gynae for the first time, and that day I got to see the growing baby in me. Baby is at 4cm and will probably pop on Sep 11! That's 3 days before Ayra turns two. Everything looks well and we're happy to see you developing well.

Baby No. 2 on 18 Feb 2013

7 Mar: The first trimester screening
This is my 13th/14th week and we saw you for the second time. Being the experienced Mum, I drank plenty of water before the scan so that you will be able to float freely for the doctor to do proper scans around your whole body. True enough, baby was floating with hands waving at us when we saw you. We also heart your heartbeat for the first time. Mummy is so happy and excited! You've grown by about 3cm since 18 Feb. We tried to see your gender that day but its too early to tell. Hope we will be able to tell at the next scan early April, or will you be secretive like your elder sister and keep us in suspense?

Scan on 7 March

I am still struggling between getting used to being a FTWM, with Baby No. 2 growing inside me and keeping my emotions under control when I have to say goodbye to Ayra on Sunday nights. But I'm glad and thankful for my boss who is understanding and allowing me to work from 8am to 5pm instead of their standard 9am to 6pm, so that I can commute to work with Abang and leave for home early with time on weekdays to visit Ayra at my mum's place. I know its going to get tougher as my belly grows bigger, but I will survive! :)

Can't wait for September! Ayah, Ayra and Mummy can't wait to welcome you into our family. See you again soon Baby No. 2.