Ayra's first dip into a swimming pool

I bought a swim wear for Ayra from Mothercare sometime back but never got chance to bring her for a swim. I personally don't really like to go to the public pool cause showering after the swim is chilling and not convenient especially with a toddler and my bulging tummy. Over the Good Friday weekend, we checked ourselves in to our favorite mineral pool at Marina Mandarin. There are only two pools in Singapore which we found that are mineral pool, one at Pan Pacific Orchard and the other at Marina Mandarin. We prefer mineral pool as it doesn't leave the chlorine smell after despite showering with soap.

Staycation at Marina Mandarin Singapore

Ayra loves her cute swim wear and obviously didn't know what it was and presumed its just another pretty dress mummy bought her. We changed her in the hotel room and she wore it happily till she reached the pool. She got comfortable on the pool chair and refused to get off it.

When we led her towards the pool, her steps get slower and we could sensed that she wasn't going to jump in with glee like how I had pictured it.

Staycation at Marina Mandarin Singapore

She stood at the side of the pool for a very long time refusing to get into the water. We slowly guided and encouraged her to do it. Only when both Ayah and I were in the water, showing her how fun it was, she then slowly allowed Ayah to carry her into the pool and sit on his lap.

Staycation at Marina Mandarin Singapore

Soon she was having a splashing good time in the pool! Standing on her own with us nearby. The whole time in the water, she just walked around and kept splashing water! At least she's loving and enjoying it.

Staycation at Marina Mandarin SingaporeThere was a split minute when her head and body was submerged in the water, we had only turned around for awhile and she got herself into that position. She struggled a little and we brought her back up and comforted her. Ayra cried and was panicky for awhile and eventually brought herself back to having fun splashing time.

She was reluctant to get out of the pool when we had to leave for dinner. So we planned to bring her back again the next day before we checked out.

Staycation at Marina Mandarin Singapore

And guess what? This funny girl cried and cried and refused to step near the pool! She demanded for milk and even after getting her feed, she just want to sit and watch others play in the pool. We eventually didn't get any dip on the second day.

Staycation at Marina Mandarin Singapore

Our next staycation is planned for June. Hope by then she will want to play in the pool and approach the water willingly.

Photos taken with Canon S95

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