Feeding bottle woes over with new Philips Avent Natural Bottles

Ayra with Philips AVENT Feeding BottleI have been searching for the right milk bottles for baby since before she arrived. It was confusing at first, with so many types, brands and sizes to choose from. I started off with the Philips Avent Classic bottles as they came together with the breast pump I bought. When time came to use them, I realized it leaks pretty badly then read online that its due to the bad positioning of the ring adapter that's to be placed before the teat cover. It took us quite a while to learn the right way to use these bottles. Still it wasn't perfect. So I bought other brands to try, ended up having too many bottles sitting in the kitchen and still none was the right one for Ayra.

Eventually we used a mixture of milk bottle brands and make sure a handkerchief is used to prevent any staining on Baby's clothes while feeding. But using different bottle wasn't good cause I noticed Ayra drinking pattern changed when different bottle was used.

[caption id="attachment_220" align="aligncenter" width="482"]20111014-180239.jpg The nightly gig even up till today, but now with bigger milk bottles.[/caption]

Sometime earlier this year, when it was time to change new bottles for Ayra (I change them every 6 months). I saw the new range of bottles by Philips Avent at Robinsons. When I saw that they have improved the design and removed the ring adapter from the bottle, I immediately bought 2 sets of the bottles and 6m+ teats and used them the same day. And then, it was a never-look-back experience. Baby and I love the new Philips Avent Natural PP bottles! (I'm not paid to say this ok! Really love the new design.)

Here are the reasons why...

Philips AVENT Feeding Bottle

I am serious when I say I have finally found the right bottles! The Philips Avent Natural bottles feels good to hold and feed, cleans easily, doesn't leak and most importantly Baby is drinking better and more with this bottle! As of today, more than 3 months with the new bottles, I have replaced all the old ones and changed them with the new Philips Avent Natural bottles.

Comparing their Classic and Natural bottles, this is what I think...

FeaturesClassic BottleNew Natural Bottle
Mum's handlingGoodMore comfortable to hold
Baby's handlingBaby refused to hold bottle through her feedBaby held and emptied the bottle ( thanks to the ergonomically-designed bottle)
CleaningNeed to wash an extra ring adapterCleans easily like the Classic.
Anti-colicEffectiveMore effective. (reduces discomfort by venting air back into the bottle)
LeaksOftenNever (Yeah!)
TeatsSmaller and softBigger and firmer

IMG_5628Thanks to the event by Philips, I got to learn how they have transformed their range of feeding bottles over the years. And am surprised that they only redesigned their bottles after 29 years (so long!) of selling their Classic bottles.

Philips AVENT Feeding BottleTo me, the biggest improvement to the new Natural bottle is the teats. It was designed to allow babies to employ its normal peristaltic tongue movement to both strip the teat and create an intra-oral vacuum to extract milk from the bottle, similar to what has been observed in clinical studies on breastfeeding. The soft unique comfort petals give the teat added flexibility. Just like a mother’s breast, it responds to the baby’s mouth and tongue, so milk can be extracted. The firmness of the teat prevents teat collapse as the baby is suckles, ensuring an uninterrupted milk flow.

No wonder Ayra is drinking better with these new bottles! And soon after using it, she is able to feed herself without us holding the bottle for her, even in the middle of the night! Happy to see she drinking more than she did with other milk bottles.

Ayra with Philips AVENT Feeding Bottle

If this post on the new Philips Avent Natural bottles doesn't say enough how much I love them, come by my house and see the number of boxes of these bottles I have stocked up from the recent Metro 20% sale! Yes! I'm crazy like that.

Oh wait! There is one thing that I wish Philips would consider improving: have twin packs for bottles without the teats. Cos I have too many 1m+ teats brand new sitting in a box and I have to pay for the 6m+ teats for baby. Philips can charge lesser for bottle packs without teats please? I'm sure many parents will welcome such packaging, right mummies?

This post is sponsored by Philips Avent. All opinions are 100% my own.