Mummy's Amigurumi adventure

Sometime early last year, my hands were itching for some new crafty movement. So I picked up some crocheting books from the library and went shopping for materials at Spotlight...

I had done crochet projects before back in school days, and I first picked this up from my Mum. In the past I only made small coin pouches and other knick knacks, so I thought I should try something fun and baby will be able to play with. I dived into Amigurumi (the Japanese art of knitting or crocheting small stuffed animals and anthropomorphic creatures).

I did a couple of these animal creatures, though not perfect, but I feel were good enough for a beginner like me.

Meet Binnie the Robot...

Ballerina Bunny...

and Hoppy the Long Ears Rabbit...

Ayra with Greeny the frog, from Sep 2012.

Hope to find more time and free designs to create more crochet projects. This is a very short post to link up with Summer's Crativity 521 linky. :)
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  1. Love the ballerina bunny! I bought several of these amigurumi books too, too cute to resist! Hehe. Nice to find a fellow mum who shares the same interest! =) Thanks for linking up!


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