Vaccination Completed!

Yesterday Ayra had her final two doses of vaccination at the polyclinic. This itself I consider a milestone to remember. I went through all the jabs with her at the polyclinic and I've to say that she is one brave girl. Comparing her with other babies I witnessed at the clinic, she didn't cry as much and recovers from the pain quickly after her vaccination. And so far, she hasn't gave us much trouble too after those vaccinations which are known to follow-up with fever. (Well I spoke typed too soon, my Mum called and said she's having a 38.5 degree fever when she woke up. Hope this will go away soon.)

Suggested AgeWith Combination/Additional Vaccines.
At birthBCG
Hep B1 – 1st dose
2 Months6-in-1 – 1st dose
Rotavirus – 1st dose
4 Months5-in-1 – 2nd dose
Rotavirus – 2nd dose
PCV – 1st dose
6 Months6-in-1 – 3rd dose
PCV – 2nd dose
12 - 15 MonthsPCV – 3rd dose
MMR – 1st dose
± VZV – 1st dose (can be given as MMRV*)
± Hep A – 1st dose
18 Months5-in-1 – 4th dose
MMR – 2nd dose
± VZV – 2nd dose (can be given as MMRV)
21 - 24 Months± Hep A – 2nd dose (six months from first dose)
6 - 7 YearsOPV/IPV – 5th dose
10 - 11 YearsdTAP
OPV/IPV - 6th dose
HPV – 3 doses (0, 1, 6 or 0, 2, 6 month schedule depending on brand)

Table above from KKH website.

Quick recap and record of yesterday's happening at the polyclinic...

Ayra woke up very early that morning and should have taken a short nap before her visit to the polyclinic, but the active girl simply refused to finish her milk and sleep in her stroller after lunch. So she stayed awake and energized till her turn for the jab.

While waiting for her number to be called, she entertained herself by going around the rows of chairs at the waiting area smiling and waving to other patients. Its amusing to see how some of the adults reacted to her. One of them even initiated a handshake which Ayra gladly returned. This girl loves getting attention from others, and yes that includes strangers in public. There was this couple who was speaking a foreign language and she kept staring and listening to what they were conversing. My Mum also told me that she now refused to watch any other channel on TV and only sits and watch Suria! Looks like Ayra is learning to pick up other languages besides English and Mandarin.

When its her turn to see the nurse, she walked in excitedly not knowing what was waiting for her in the room. During the consultation and standard procedures before the jab, all the nurses in the room commented how adorable and sweet Ayra was, and being herself, she smiled, waved and Hi-5 to all of them. I told them this happy girl wouldn't be like that once she sees the needles. When the needles were prepped and nurse was approaching, I had to hold her arms and legs down with all my might, this 18month young baby girl is super strong! The first jab (MMR) in her left shoulder went pretty well, only a little cry. But when she saw the second one that's to be given into her left thigh, she struggled a lot! She cried out loud and tears flowing out fast and furious too. Once all is over, Grandma had to coaxed her and bring her away from me. Guess I frightened her when I held her down that tightly during the jabs.

While waiting for payment, this girl finally fell asleep from the tiredness of the jabs and crying.

I'm so glad this whole procedures of vaccination is over for Ayra. But in less than a year time, I will have to start this procedure all over again with Baby No. 2! Woah! For the first time, I am realizing what I'm getting myself through again since I found out I'm pregnant again. LOL!