The virus infected weekend

The weekend that just past was a slow and rather painful one. Abang has been sick for an entire week since last Sunday, with very bad infection in the throat and down with bad cough. With just a day spent together at home on the Labour Day public holiday with us, Ayra fell sick too on Friday evening, with temperature hitting 38°C. Instead of bringing her to the doctor on Friday night, we brought her home and keep her cool through the night. The temperature fluctuated between 37°C anbd 38.3°C till Saturday afternoon. Ayra was her usual self, playing, talking and dancing the whole time. But every time I held her close, I could feel the heat from her body.

Late noon on Saturday, I decided to bring her to the doctor. She was given mixture for her fever and one for the cough, phlegm and flu combo (which was for kids above 2yo, but doctor said its alright for her to take). Nurofen was also given to standby in case her temperature heats 38.5°C. After the first feed, which was surprisingly easy as I thought she will resists taking her medicine like before but she took them without much fuss, her temperature went below 38°C but was still hovering around 37°C. What's disturbing was that her coughing and phlegm situation turned worst. She was whizzing loudly when she drinks her milk and is taking even lesser milk than before. When she was taking a nap, she would cough suddenly and then wakes up to puke. This cranked her up big time and took me awhile to calm her down. I immediately stopped the combo mixture at the next medicine feed and gave her other cough mixture (left unopened) from our last coughing sickness.

With more play and activities, her temperature came down to 37°C and body temperature when touched was normal. Stopped coughing when she's awake but still does when she sleeps. The puking happened each time she sleeps and coughed too hard. It's painful to see her suffer like that. I felt helpless and could only give her comfort and keeps her happy.

On Saturday night, she woke up after a series of coughing and puking. She cried so hard and long I could hear her throat breaking. We did all we can to calm her down, but she kept crying and we could feel her pain. I carried her and walked around the house till she eventually stopped. We sat in the living room till she is composed and responded to our questions. We presumed the aircon was making her uncomfortable and causing the bad cough, we switched on the fan for the rest of the night and let her sleep on my bed instead as its more comfortable and cooler. After 20ml of milk, she fell asleep.

This was how we fell asleep that night. With Ayah in his regular position, Ayra in my bed and me sleeping on hers.

Some time into the night, I felt something fell onto me and woke me up. Turning myself to check what happened, my little girl has rolled herself next to me in the small bed (which was already filled with too many pillows, dolls and blankets).

She doesn't seem to mind sleeping in the tiny space beside me and didn't wake herself up with that rolling off the bed stunt. I rolled myself gently off her bed and make room for her and climbed back into my bed to sleep. At least Ayra had a good rest that night after the whole drama.

I was hoping the fever will be gone by Sunday morning. But it got back to 38°C! All my outing plans for the weekend had to be postponed since Abang and Ayra are both sick. And worst part was, my nose starting dripping non-stop too; probably due to the waking up at night switching between hot and cold rooms and sleeping with fan instead of aircon. My nose is just sensitive like that.

Sunday was spent with 3 of us sick and weak at home, while we all try to keep ourselves up to keep the little girl company. Its amazing how she can be sick and still stay so active. Eventually Ayra and I both knocked out around 2pm and she slept through with some coughing in-between till 5.30pm.

Just gave my mum a call to check on the girl, her temperature raised to 38.4°C last night and was coughing and whizzing badly. She just woke up and temperature is now down to 37.4°C, but mum said her voice is bad and can hear she has a very bad throat infection too. Got to bring her to the doc again. Baby girl please get well soon. Pains our heart to see you sick like that.