What's in my bag?

So there's a linky going on to find out what's inside the bags of SMBs. So here's me "exposing" my not so secret stash inside my bag.

I carry with me everyday this brown bag from Mango, bought it for CNY and now its my carry-everywhere-everyday-multi-purpose bag. On weekdays these are the things you'll find inside...

In Mummy's Bag
  • Wallet

  • Key purse

  • Cath Kidston pouch for lunch time money, phone and tissue

  • Brown card case from Muji to hold my business cards

  • Super lightweight umbrella which I started to carry around everyday since I was pregnant with Ayra. Before that I hate these unnecessary stuff in my bag.

  • Cocoon Grid-It which I love!

  • My Samsung Note II LTE mobile phone which I cannot live home without. Not seen in pic cos its in my hand snapping these photos for the post. :P

In Mummy's Bag
After a long long time since I first saw this Cocoon Grid-It carrier on YouTube in 2009 and I finally bought it in 2013! Its one of those things you think will be useful but unsure if you will use it, so took me long before I parted my $20+ on it. Loving how clean and tidy this makes my bag feel. And getting things out from it is so much faster as compared to digging into multiple smaller pouches.

On weekends, my bag transform into a diaper bag for outings with Ayra. I'll remove the Cocoon and put in her green drawstring pouch which holds her spare clothes, sweater, handky, wet wipes and diapers (inside the pink pouch).

In Mummy's Bag

And also her SkipHop Lunchies Bee carrier for her thermal flask of hot water, Avent Milk Bottle and milk powder dispenser.
SkipHop Lunchies Bee

So the above are what you will find in my bag on weekdays and weekends. Guess I'll need a new way of organisation come September 2013 with double of what I'll need to bring out on weekends. Hopefully by then Ayra will be willing to carry her own mini backpack with her own diapers and stuff.

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