A day in the museum of Stamps

In the modern days, one rarely uses a stamp and by the time Ayra grows older, she may never have to use any stamp in her life! That's why we have libraries and museums to archive these pieces of our past and present for our future generations.

With the new initiative by the National Heritage Board, Singaporeans and PRs get to enter 11 museums for FREE! This sure brought in more visitors into the museums, the Singapore Philatelic museum was pretty packed on Sunday when we visited.

Singapore Philatelic Museum is the custodian and curator of Singapore's treasure of philatelic materials. The museum collections range from stamps and archival philatelic material of Singapore from the 1830s to present day, and stamps from member countries of the Universal Postal Union.

Ayra's Ayah had wanted to visit the museum since he knew about the Star Wars "Light vs Dark Exhibition: Stamps and Collectibles" happening at the Singapore Philatelic museum. That was when the free entry wasn't announced. Now that its free entry, there's no reason why we should miss this exhibition.

Mummy was too focused in trying out her new toy camera, Olympus E-P3, and capturing the fast moving Ayra in action, I didn't pay much attention to what was around. Only managed to very briefly glance through the various exhibitions and display.

Ayra being Ayra, she had to open and close EVERY single door she sees inside the museum. And there were PLENTY of these at the upper level displays!

And when there's button to press, she'll press it too...

And when there is a tunnel or sort, she'll crawl through it...

And when there is a giant Snacks and Ladders boardgame on the floor, you will surely find her playing it in her own way!

She also got to meet all the miniature characters from Star Wars at the museum that day.

It was a nice Sunday Family Day out. Ayra totally knocked out after the visit and fell asleep in her pram without drinking her milk. Now that we've visited our first museum together, I hope to cover the remaining 10 museums with my family over the year.