Ayra got doob again!

Ayra and doob

In February, I ordered my first doob bean bags online. They were having a promotion then and I got the small Plop at $99 with free delivery instead of the usual $159. Was my first order and I hadn't seen the real thing in person before, when the doob bean bag came, my first impression was "Wah! So big ah!", but after I take it out from the plastic bag, touched the material, tried sitting on it and tried getting myself comfortable in it, I felt that the size wasn't quite as I'd imagined it to be and the material a little rough (Polyester) for kids to get comfy in it. But still Baby Ayra enjoyed her chill-out moments on her first doob bean bag.

Ayra and her doob bean bag At 17 months and already know how to relax like that!

When I saw doob having a promo at the recent Echelon event which I attended, I just had to buy one more for her! More so with No. 2 coming soon, this huge doob will be able to hold them both just nice! This is the doobsta and the cover is made of Tetron-Rayon (it feels like cotton) and its machine washable!

See this girl relaxing on her new doob the very night I brought it home!

Ayra and her doob bean bag

Now Ayra has got a new doob bean bag to chillax in while watching TV, drinking milk or watching her favorite youtube video. This is one lucky little girl right?

Ayra and her doob bean bag

[caption id="attachment_1555" align="aligncenter" width="625"]Ayra and her doob bean bag Chilling out with milk on the doob and Barney the purple dino holds her entertainment in place![/caption]

If I have more space in the house, I'll surely get more of these doobsta bean bags! So many ways you can use them. Check out the video by doob!

Find out more on their website.

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored. I paid for all the doob bean bags showcased above ok! All opinions 100% my own of course!