DIY a mini album with Canon Pixma Printer

It's time for some DIY crafting fun! As an avid scrapper, when asked to share a holiday craft activity, a mini scrapbook is a must-have on my list! It takes a little more time than usual as I printed the papers and most of the embellishments on my own with my Canon Pixma printer, but it's more cost effective and I can scrap anytime I want without having to dig through my messy stash of scrapbook materials to find the right designs/ embellishments.


Here are the things you'll need to create this simple DIY mini (scrapbook) album.

Papers - I used different types of papers for different parts of the album. Canon Photo Papers were used to print the photos and embellishments.

Artcard was used to print the pages from Canon Creative Park. I used this instead of the Canon Photo Paper because I wanted to print on both sides of the paper, and Photo Paper only allows single-side printing. These you can get at Popular bookstore and they come in different thickness. This is the thickest in the series.

Next of course you'll need a printer, in my case the Canon Pixma MG3170. Print all your paper selection, embellishments and photos on the appropriate paper type.



Print your pattern papers on both sides so that your album will be filled with designs on all pages.

Do have spare ink cartridges around, in case it run out half way through your printing spree. I bought these XL packs on the third day of using my printer, because my color ink was running low already then! Yes! I went a little over with the printing!

Next up, you'll need some crafting tools, here are some of the common ones I use when I scrapbook...
[list type="check"]
  • Scissors/ Craft knife

  • Corner-cutter (to round your paper edges)

  • Bone folder

  • Hole puncher/ slot punch/ paper binder (I used the Zutter to bind my album)

  • Tape Glue/ Stick Glue

  • Paper trimmer

  • [/list]


    This is the cover of my mini album. This album is made with quarter of an A4 sheet. So your pattern paper printed should be trimmed to four equal parts and sorted in any order you want before punching and binding them together.

    Many times, friends think that it is very difficult or need a lot of creativity to put together an album, fact is, it is pretty easy if you don't think too much about it, and just go-with-the-flow. What I usually do is to stick the photos first onto the page and add in some text.


    Then add some embellishments to give the page a little more texture/ color.


    For photos which you would like to journal a little more, I'll use two pages for it. One for the photo and the other for journaling.

    See! It's not that difficult right? Just paste a little here and there (not too much and end up cluttering your page). A basic rule - Keep It Simple

    Hope this little project idea will inspire you to get your first mini album going. Do share your creation with me ok!

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