Family Staycation at Siloso Beach Resort, Sentosa

We took a short getaway to Sentosa in June and we stayed at the Siloso Beach Resort. The pull factor that drew us towards this resort is the Spring Water pool.

This was the second stay Abang and I had at the Siloso Beach Resort, however we felt that this second stay wasn't as good as the first, and the most disappointing part was the bed. It was sooooo hard and squeaks whenever we turn ourselves or sat on it. We didn't felt the stiffness of the bed the first time we stayed there, probably because we didn't have our comfy king size bed to compare with then, but now that we are so used to our bed at home, anything that doesn't measure up to the standard is considered bad in our opinion. This is probably the last time we will be staying at this hotel. Time to give other hotels a try for our next staycation.

We booked the Deluxe room which allows for an additional bed. Not wanting to squeeze the 3.5 of us in the queen size, we paid extra for it. The toilet has got both standing shower and bathtub. Its not one of those 5-star hotel setting, but its still clean and presentable.

The one thing we enjoyed out of our stay at Siloso Beach Resort is the time spent in the Spring Water pool. I believe Ayra agrees with us too. Her second time in a pool and she's loving it now! No more crying not wanting to enter the water.

Till the next time we go on a family staycation. Peace everyone and chat more on the phone.