Inspirations from the 60s to the Little One

The first person Ayra knows who were related to the 60s is her Grandmother, that is she was born in the early 60s.
Grandma and Ayra
Ayra calls her "Ah Ma" or sometimes "Ma!". She is one of the significant role model in Ayra's life. Grandma is the one who looks after Ayra while Mummy and Ayah are at work. Grandma teaches her new words and actions and shows her the way of life. We are very glad Grandma is still very much young at heart and catches up with latest gadgets and stuff.

Being a 60s child, Grandma's style of fashion is quite hip and often buys 60s inspired fashion for Ayra. I have to admit Grandma's style is more hip and happening than mine. She will doll up Ayra everyday, even if they were just spending the day at home. Every piece of Ayra's clothes look good enough for a shopping trip to town.

This outfit is from Grandma, see those prints on the skirt? This is something Mummy will never touch, but it looks cute on Ayra.

This girl is always dolled up in style by Grandma.

Photo credit to Wikipedia.
The Sound of Music is probably the only other thing this little one can relate to from the 60s. One of the iconic tunes from the show is among her favorites from YouTube. She will dance and sway to the tune, and often try to hum with the song. Mummy has watched The Sound of Music once but can hardly recall the story, all I could remember is the music and dance in the show.

Do you have any 60s related event, people or things that inspire you? Share share leh. :)