Mirror Mirror on the Wall...

This little girl of ours has this thing with mirrors. She admires herself, shake and groove a little, make funny faces or give a shock face whenever she passes by a mirror. She does it ALL the time, regardless of place, event, who's with her etc. She just love seeing herself in the mirror.

After so many months, we finally put up a mirror for her in the living room. Height just for her. And now she spend much of her daily routine just standing there entertaining herself with her reflection. Amuse all of us when she is at it. So funny and cute!

This last photo is my favorite from that day! The smile soooo sweet and charming! Melts my heart looking at this.

These photos were taken with my new toy the Olympus E-P3! After years with Canon cameras, its so fresh to try new brand. So far I'm loving it! Can't wait for our family staycation at Sentosa starting tomorrow! Going to be a great great long weekend away with my family. *excites*

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