Play at Kiddy Fun (Then and Now)

Ayra can be quite a fussy girl, she has her own likes and dislikes when come to play. We used to bring her to Hokey Pokey when she was below 12 months old, but after several visits, I realized she didn't enjoy as much as before. She would wonder around the place, touching things here and there, and then just sit at a corner with a doll and pretend to mother her. This she can do the same at home. So we tried a new place, Kiddy Fun at The Grandstand.

Ayra at 15 months...

And this is Ayra at 20 months...

Traveling to The Grandstand is not as easy as heading to town, but we managed to bring her there twice within the past 6 months. Was going through my collection of photos and found some similar shots taken then and now.

And her favorite spot at Kiddy Fun is the windy balloon pit where she'll go around chasing balloons and screaming "Ball! Ball!"

See how much fun she's having inside the balloon pit? Of all the play area at Kiddy Fun, she spent the most time inside.

At 20 months, she is slightly more adventurous and attempted at climbing inside this rotating structure.

While when she was at 15 months, she only dared tried this baby climbing structure at the small baby corner, for those below 2.

Or she will chill out in the ball pit or the waterbed-like-thinggy.

She used to be willing to just sit wherever we settled her at, but now, she decides where she wants to go and we will just follow behind.

As she grows older, we need to find new places and challenges to bring her and Mummy is running out of ideas! Yes, there are PLENTY of indoor and outdoor playgrounds in Singapore, but on a weekend, these places are usually very packed and most of them are with high climbing structures which neither of us (adults) can squeeze in without straining our backs to watch over this tiny adventurous girl.

If you have suggestions, do share with us will you? :)