Simple projects with Canon Pixma Printer for Toddler's Use

If you are looking for simple and fuss free craft projects for your kids this June Holiday, why not try out the projects from Canon Pixma Town? There are so many pretty things to make and they are relatively simple for kids who can handle scissors and glue. Or you can create them for your kids instead. Some of the basic tools you will need for these projects include:
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  • a printer (like the Canon Pixma I'm using)

  • sturdy paper like the art card or the Canon Matte Photo Paper

  • scissors and/or craft knife

  • glue or double-sided sticky tapes

  • [/list]

    My first project was a Stationery Holder designed by Simone Legno, the brain behind Tokidoki.

    Below shows how the completed stationery holder looks like! I used the Glossy Premium Photo Paper from Canon to print this and the holder is very steady due to the weight of the photo paper. It was a little tricky when folding according to the lines though, you might need some help with a bone folder (or a fully-used (empty) ball-point pen as indicated on Canon Pixma Town) to score the lines before folding.


    Next project I did was a Picture Matching Cards game from Canon Creative Park. There are many crafts, designs, origami, 3D art and printables on Canon Creative Park. In my next post, I will be sharing how you can create a DIY mini album with printables from Canon Creative Park.


    Ayra had fun using the stationery holder to put her paints and she managed to spend some time playing with the picture matching cards in her own methods, which I totally do not understand! LOL!


    This cheeky little girl is going to get so many new paper toys because Mummy cannot stop printing fun stuff from the Canon Pixma Town and Creative Park!


    More of our adventures with Canon Pixma next week! Stay tune ok!

    Let's get crafty together with Canon Pixma!

    Holiday Creativity with Canon Pixma