Alternative Baby Changing Setup

Planning for No. 2's arrival and to make space for her things in the house. One of the item on our shopping list is a changing table/station so that we don't have to strain our backs going too low (changing on our bed) while changing her.

Ikea Changing Units

A Baby Changing Unit from IKEA comes to about $150, but this will probably not be of much used when baby is older. So I'm planning to do my own setup and make things work.

Our baby changing setup will consists of:

A chest of drawers and a changing mat to rest the baby on.

Ikea Chest of drawers

With this setup, we will be able to use the drawers for clothes storage and more now, and when Baby grows out of the changing unit, the top can be nicely decorated with photos and memories. To me this is the best solution!

Now the only thing left is to find a nice changing mat for it.