Ayra's 1st visit to Port of Lost Wonder at Sentosa

I've seen so many blog posts about this place since they opened, and I thought my 21 months is old enough to enjoy a day at Port of Lost Wonder. But I was wrong. She did enjoy a little and managed to overcome her fear of getting water splashed at her, but she didn't get to play much.

Port of Lost Wonder at Sentosa (POLW) is a nice place for kids to get wet and have a splashing good time. I blame it on the weekend and school holiday, being a super peak period, the place was packed to the brim. The entire ship was loaded with kids and some adults. POLW is more suitable for kids above 5 or when the child is mature enough to run through slippery floors and understand the importance of queuing and safety.

There were quite a few toddlers spotted that day, all accompanied by adults, and they were all seated at a corner with splashing water spot and restricted to just that most of the time.

Took Ayra awhile to gather enough courage to stand inside this structure to play with the flowing water. However it was short lived as an older boy came by and pushed the level she was standing on and frightened her from the sudden jerk. There after she dare not stand anywhere near that structure.

Thereafter, she just stayed by my side and played on solid grounds with splashing water.

If the place is still around when Ayra and Baby No. 2 is old enough, we'll probably bring her back there again. Till then, Port of Lost Wonder will not be in our places to visit list.