Ayra's experience at Giggles (Marine Parade)

Read about Giggles from Mummymoo's blog and we finally found time to bring Ayra for a visit. First impression of the entire playground is "Huh? Like that only ah?" But after playing there for more than an hour, Ayra's reaction when asked if she wanted to leave... "No wan!"

At the entrance, parents will need to register the child and themselves via their iPad app and both kid and adult must have their photo taken during registration, these data are stored digitally. This is required by first time visitor only, and they said we'll just need to provide the child's name during subsequent visits for registration.

Standard procedures, hands, feet and temperature checks, and the cleaning of hands are carried out before we can enter the play area. Socks must be worn at all time inside the play area.

Giggles gives a new experience for Ayra, instead of huge ball pit, lots of toys and balloon play area; she was given the chance to learn to balance herself on narrow planks, walk over bridges and walking over different textured grounds. And of course, there's the slide she enjoyed.

And her favorite at Giggles must be Sona. This interactive attraction Sona combines the possibilities of computer games with the fun and physical activity of play using movement and sound. She was doing the "Dance Battle" on her own! And whenever the voiceover came on, she would run away saying she's scared, and back to the speaker front again when the music comes back on.

I like how the music is shout and very dance-able. It's almost like techno for kids! Ayra moves vary according to the tunes too. Too cute!

Overall, the place is spacious and almost kids friendly. There could be more small attractions/ toys for the kids, if the place gets crowded, playing on existing structures and attractions may not be enough for the kids. May probably return again when we need an indoor place to play since the charges are reasonable.


87 Marine Parade Central, #02-500B/C
Singapore 440087
Open Daily 10:00 – 19:00
(+65) 6345 4947