First full movie at the Cinema!

Today Ayra watched and enjoyed her 1st movie in the cinema! Before that I was trying hard to get her to have a nap before we head out but this girl is too stubborn. Ended up with no nap and we were in GV to catch Despicable Me 2 (otherwise known as "Nana" by the little one). I was prepared to either rock her to sleep half way through the show or walk out if she decides to throw a tantrum. But to our amazement she sat throught THE ENTIRE SHOW!!!

She was kept entertained and snacked on popcorn while sipping ice lemon tea. She did fidget a little at some point but was quietly enjoying the show 99% of the time. For a to-be-22 month toddler I must say she behaved very well.

Even at home when she demanded for movie to be watched,  she will usually only catch half of it and then turned her attention elsewhere. Perhaps too much distractions at home.

5 July 2013 marks the first family movie outing at Tampines Mall GV and I'm proud to declare it a successful one! All three of us enjoyed the show and there were much laughter towards the end of it.

Despicable Me 2 is a great stress reliever movie for all ages. And in fact today in the full house cinema, 95% were adults!