In search for a double stroller

With No. 2 coming soon, I've been shopping around and looking at what other parents are using. Every time I see someone housing two kids in a stroller, I'll stretched my neck a little further to check out which brand and model it is. Picking a suitable stroller is a long process for me, having bought 3 strollers before, my next purchase must be one that can last me a good 3 to 4 years at least and must be able to house both my kids when we are out. Ideally it should be flexible enough for me to make it a one-seated when necessary.

After some research, here are the two shortlisted ones I'm considering. Appreciate if any mummies or daddies who have used any of them before let me know your thoughts (goods and bads) about the stroller.

Britax B-Ready + Second Seat

Price: Approx S$868 from Amazon + shipping or locally at $979

Britax B-Ready with second seat

Contours Tandem Strollers

Price: From S$500+

Contour Tandem

I'm leaning towards the Britax as its more compact but its heavier. How how?

And then on second thought, do I really need a tandem? No. 2 can be carried in a baby carrier/sling till 12 months and No. 1 can continue to use the current stroller. And when No. 2 is to sit in a stroller, No. 1 should be able to go stroller-free ya? Question now is will I ever have to bring both out for an entire day alone, on these rare days, I will surely need a tandem to fit both of them and all their barang barangs! Hmmm... this is a dollar and cents decision...