The mini bluetooth speaker that got Ayra excited

One day I brought home a little red cylinder and showed it to Ayra. I turned it on, linked it to my mobile phone and started streaming music out from this little red cylinder. Ayra was shocked at first and ran away from it when music came blasting out of it. When I adjusted the volume down and played her favorite music, she got excited again and held up the red cylinder to see what it was.

Makes me happy every time she get curious with new objects. I like seeing how she examine them, how she try to press any available buttons and poke every hole she sees just to find out more about it.

I tested the phone feature of this speaker and dialed her Grandma. When the line was connected, she held the speaker up and used it like a phone! Chatting with Grandma over the inbuilt mic and the now converted speaker phone.

She couldn't put it down and had to hold on to it when she's drinking her milk!

Ayra dances and boogees with the little red cylinder and it is now one of her favorite toy when Mummy is around! (Just because Mummy's the only one who knows how to use it atm.)

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