Use only the best to protect Baby's delicate skin

What to use for laundry hasn't been my kind of thing before Ayra arrived. I'm fortunate and lucky to be staying with my parents and they manage the household items and my mum does the laundry. I never been bothered to know what brand of detergent or fabric conditioner they use nor do I need to learn how to operate the washing machine. (YES! I am an idiot when come to using the household gadgets then!) Only when we are planning for Ayra's arrival then I started picking up all these things in my to-buy list.

Baby's skin is the most delicate and they can be very sensitive too. I pick my laundry needs for baby carefully and had been using the Comfort Ultra Pure fabric conditioner ever since Ayra arrived. We not just use it for baby's laundry, we use it for ALL our wash - from our clothes, towels, bed sheets and even our sofa covers. Baby will touch all these fabrics eventually doesn't she?

What I love about Comfort Ultra Pure is the mild formulation that delivers amazing softness and is gentle on even the most delicate and sensitive skin. Few other essential information about my family's favorite fabric conditioner are:
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  • Delivers impeccable softness and long lasting fragrance.

  • Dermatological tested formula is safe even for the most delicate skin of a baby.

  • Supported by British Skin Foundation.

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    Using the Comfort Ultra Pure to wash our laundry is like having it embracing us every time we put on our clothes or wrap ourselves with freshly washed towels. I love the smell of the house after we have our sofa covers washed and dried. And the most important part, our little Ayra loves it too!

    I admit I tried switching to a cheaper brand when Ayra was older, but after the first wash, I regretted the change immediately! No nice smelling clothes and my clothes aren't as soft as before. That bottle of freshener is now used for floor mats and kitchen towels, never will I change the brand again. Especially with Baby No. 2 coming soon, all our fabrics must be in good "hands" so that the baby will have the softest fabric surrounding her all the time.

    In my own words, Comfort Ultra Pure is what I trust and recommend.

    Comfort Ultra Pure
    The Loving Mum has been using the Comfort Ultra Pure since the birth of Ayra in 2011. This is Part 1 of a series of sponsored conversations on behalf of Comfort Singapore. All opinions, text and photos are my own.