6 days to meeting Baby No. 2

After yesterday's (last visit) to the gynae, it is confirmed that I will need to undergo a C-section for the birth of our No. 2 baby, Zara. Earlier period of pregnancy, it was made known to us that my placenta is pretty low and I was told to be careful when moving about. If any bleeding occured, I should admit myself into the hospital immediately. After that day, I was very careful and hope the placenta will move up and let the baby get into the right position for a natural birth.

At the gynae visit before, baby's head was moved to the right position, but wasn't engaged. I thought she will remain that way and slowly get into the right position. During the past three weeks, I've been feeling the pressure and strain in the lower tummy area, presuming its the baby's head pushing itself through to be in position. Alas, it was the baby's whole body pushing the placenta downwards, which causes the pain.

When I heard that a C-sect is requiried, entire mind and body was in shocked. I was told to sign several pieces of documents in the gynae's room and my mind was just blank. The reality sank in and my heart was just speeding so fast I didn't know what to do. The date was set and the countdown was shrank from 21 days to just 7 days!

Told my hub about it when I came out of the room, and he was also shocked. We aren't prepared, mentally and financially for a C-sect. Last night, we reassured ourselves that everything will be alright.

Last night, I just couldn't sleep. Too many thoughts rushed in and the more I reassure myself, the more afraid I gets. The thought of going through a C-sect frightens me. The knife cutting through my skin, the carrying out of Zara from inside, the stitching, the after pain that I've to bare, the need to be careful with my movement, the thought of the stitches not healing fast enough... and so much more... Why are there so many ladies out there that prefers to go through a C-sect instead? Isn't it more scary than a natural birth?

I must calm myself.

So today, 6 days to go before I admit myself to undergo the very first operation of my life, one that will bring our darling baby girl no. 2 into our lives.

I hope and pray for a safe delivery.

6 days to meeting Zara...

The Loving Mum